OpenWRT Build

Changing the Linksys WRT3200ACM from OEM firmware to DD-WRT and finally to OpenWRT.

A need for better virtual LAN partitioning lead to a search for different routing solutions. The WRT3200ACM is a very capable router and was acquired specifically for its flexibility and support for open source firmware solutions. The only viable open source solution at this time is from OpenWRT and what an option it is. Its flexibility allow for virtually any arrangements of networks and allows configuration if its hardware and software to support just about any options you could want.

I wanted to install several WiFi networks alongside the existing configuration to allow for visiting users and also allow for a public WiFi Hotspot.

Installation was as easy as any stock firmware and instructions can be found here.


  1. Find firmware image (For factory install not upgrade)
  2. Install image as normal with Erase settings if available.
  3. Reboot to new firmware.
  4. Use the Luci GUI to configure as you would similar to any other router.